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"My team and I have been working with Shelley and her team for more than 1 year.  I never imagined using a consultant for my practice.  However as the practice continued to grow, the practice became increasingly more difficult to manage.  I spent a lot of time interviewing different consultants for my practice.  In the end, I chose Shelley because of her positive spirit and ability to connect with all individuals.  Shelley always maintains a positive attitude which translates well with the team.  She has earned the respect of the team by providing thoughtful feedback and substantiating her methodology with facts.  When the team can actually see results of what she is doing it goes a long way.  She has introduced simple technology into our practice just by utilizing things that we already have.  I think what really sets Shelley apart is her being approachable to me and my team.  I feel comfortable reaching out to Shelley to ask questions.  My team has a trusted resource who can address questions related to day-to-day activity and problem solving.  I am thankful to have Shelley on my team."

Amit Desai

"I always read about practices in Dental Economics and they were all doing much better than I was. Working with Shelley Renee Consulting has finally brought me up to the level that I always read about! I wish I had worked with Shelley in my forties rather than my sixties. I can't imagine where I'd be if I had.....Don't wait like I did!"

Rick Wolfert

"Shelley is an amazing consultant in the field of dental office management.  She is teaching us how to schedule effectively for better productivity and workflow. In return, it will improve the experience for everyone, dentist, staff members, and patients. I highly recommend."

fei fei

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