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Get Your Dental House In Order For A Better Life

Profitable practice. Dedicated Teams. Streamlined systems.
you love dentistry, but...

You have practiced long enough to feel the pain of team troubles, insurance issues, and overhead struggles. Do you think it's time for a change? I am here.

Proven Solutions for Your Practice

Our approach is simple. We replace broken, complex systems with a streamlined process that's easy to implement. The result is a peaceful, productive, and profitable practice.

I am here!

My name is Shelley Renee, aka The Profitability Maverick, and no, I am not like all the other consultants. My work is subtractive. Instead of adding tasks, I look to reduce steps and get greater implementation. You are passionate about dentistry, I am passionate about seeing you go home happy.

Fantastic consultant
with vast knowledge…

“Fantastic consultant with vast knowledge in dental office management. Shelley has taught us systems to implement in the office to make our lives and patients' experience drastically better. We’re still in the process of learning new systems and continuously improving with Shelley’s sessions. She also runs an insanely successful dental office so she has the evidence to back up her systems. We will be happy if we can be half as successful as the office she manages.”

Dr. Henry Huang, DDS, Bethlehem Town Family Dental