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COVID-19 and your Practice

Well, this certainly is a plot twist that no one saw coming!

My team and I care deeply about the practices that we serve and are working quickly to collect strategies that you can use to help minimize the impact. I am working diligently with the most knowledgable people in the dental industry to provide you with the most up-to-date information as it relates to your practice and the dental industry as a whole.

My team and I will be regularly adding content to the website as well as our social media accounts to provide you with answers to your questions on how to survive, recover, and (eventually) thrive. 

In the meantime, I've included a collection below of resources for your immediate needs as well as my Owner's Emergency Checklist. 

While we can’t remove the stress from things out of our control, we can focus that energy on the day we hear it’s “go time”.  Take steps now to write the next chapter.


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It’s time to have the practice you want!

Predictable stress-free day…
Calm schedule…
Self-motivated team…
Freedom from the tightness in your chest…

Does this sound like the practice you want?


Design your practice to shine!

The practice is the dentist’s most precious resource. Similarly, the gem cutter’s greatest asset is the uncut diamond, which when polished reveals exponentially increased value.

It is the act of cutting and polishing – the human touch – that releases the internal fire and creates brilliance. Every practice is a gem that when shaped and polished reflects increased value.


Shelley Renee

guides teams to uncover the beauty and potential that already exists in their practices.

Looking to unify the dental team, elevate communications or increase profitability?



  • “My personal and professional growth has been enormous and I attribute it to working with Shelley.”

    —L. Amser; Office Manager; Lawrenceville Prosthodontic Dentistry

  • Fantastic consultant with vast knowledge in dental office management. Shelley has taught us systems to implement in the office to make our lives and patient’s experience drastically better. We’re still in the process of learning new systems and continuously improving with Shelley’s sessions. She also runs an insanely successful dental office so she has the evidence to back up her systems. We will be happy if we can be half as successful as the office she manages.”

    Henry Huang – Bethlehem town Family Dental

  • My team and I have been working with Shelley and her team for more than 1 year. I never imagined using a consultant for my practice. However as the practice continued to grow, the practice became increasingly more difficult to manage. I spent a lot of time interviewing different consultants for my practice. In the end, I chose Shelley because of her positive spirit and ability to connect with all individuals. Shelley always maintains a positive attitude which translates well with the team. She has earned the respect of the team by providing thoughtful feedback and substantiating her methodology with facts. When the team can actually see results of what she is doing it goes a long way. She has introduced simple technology in our practice just by utilizing things that we already have. I think what really sets Shelley apart is her being approachable to me and my team. I feel comfortable reaching out to Shelley to ask questions. My team has a trusted resource that can address questions related to day to day activity and problem solve. I am thankful to have Shelley on my team.-Amit Desai, Advanced Dentistry

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