It’s time to have the practice you want!

Predictable stress-free day…
Calm schedule…
Self-motivated team…
Freedom from the tightness in your chest…

Does this sound like the practice you want?


Design your practice to shine!

The practice is the dentist’s most precious resource. Similarly, the gem cutter’s greatest asset is the uncut diamond, which when polished reveals exponentially increased value.

It is the act of cutting and polishing – the human touch – that releases the internal fire and creates brilliance. Every practice is a gem that when shaped and polished reflects increased value.


Shelley Renee

guides teams to uncover the beauty and potential that already exists in their practices.

Looking to unify the dental team, elevate communications or increase profitability?

Organizing teams, implementing systems, and achieving goals are part of the overall solutions Shelley Renee’s presentations provide.


Unbelievable Growth

“When we hired Shelley Renee, we were a stressed out office consumed with employee conflicts, broken appointments and inconsistent daily reports. We are now enjoying a happy staff, consistent schedule and our profits are in a bracket we never thought possible (and still growing)! Every dental office will benefit by trusting Shelley Renee.”

—Melanie Cataldo; Practice Manager; Greene Pediatric Dentistry