Say less, collect more

What is the #1 problem I see with Financial Coordinators?

Too much talking.

Yes, typically they run through this long menu of choices and offering them all at once! You have heard the song…

“We take, cash, ck , mc, v, carecredit, etc. We offer senior discount, pre-payment savings, cash discount, yada, yada…”

Next we’ll be offering the foreign exchange rates!

I promise you this – even though you said the long list with every possible option, the next words out of their mouth will be a question, “Can I pay with ____?”

They do not listen or hear or comprehend that many choices. So stop talking so much. Instead say, “Ok Mrs. Jones, today’s visit is $______ .

Then stop!! Don’t say another word. This is a critical moment. The power is truly in the silence. It implies the expectation that there only is one choice – to pay. How is up to them. But we will get paid today.

Let the patient come forward with the choices.

“Can I pay with a check?” — YES!
“Can I pay with a credit card?” — YES!
“Can I make payments?” — Yes, to a company called CareCredit.

The result? You’re happy and the patient’s happy and less overwhelmed by the long list of choices.

The less said, the better. It’s all about short menus. Present the dollar amount and then be quiet. Allow the patient to come to you with choices so you can say YES. Everyone wins!