The Cure for Wild Random Scanning

In chartless offices, it is almost impossible to eliminate scanning. I’m asked by practices all the time how to best organize the documents that need to be scanned. A few simple folders or categories can prevent an office from wasting time and losing documents.

The following is a list of folder categories that are working well for many offices. These will help you to simplify the retrieval of your scanned documents.

Suggested Folder Titles

  • Admin. Forms (Consent/Release/Hipaa, CareCredit, Health History)
  • Financial Agreements
  • Insurance information (Ins. Card, coverage tables, Pre’s)
  • Invisalign
  • Lab RX
  • Photos
  • Prior records
  • Referral letters (Title with Dr. name, tooth # and date for quick reference. This will save you the need to open each document when searching.)

Have you found some other folder titles that are working well for your practice? Please share your folder categories in the comments.

If you are struggling with more than folder titles, contact me for a free chat to see how we can turn your office into the peaceful, profitable practice you want it to be.