Let Me Guess…You’re not getting results with your team!


Not Getting Results From Your Team?

Five easy steps to turn your team around!

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch! I’ve been working around the clock these last few months helping clients get their practices into shape.

You would not believe how many practices are struggling with the same issue. Oh, the stories! A common frustration I hear is “we discuss the same things over and over, but nothing changes” or “my office manager is not getting it done, we are not progressing”.

It makes me want to start singing the old Hank Williams song – “a little less talk and a lot more action!”

As I sit here writing yet another action plan for the same issue, It finally hits me, I need to share these accountability steps with everyone!


What’s really the problem? Don’t laugh – but its having your “leader in charge” recognize there even is a problem! Does this person understand that your expectations are not met? Do they even recognize that there is a gap between what “they feel” is a good job and what you believe to be a good job.

How do you communicate the difference? How do you establish a baseline and track progress?

Leaders fail at step #1. The ability to RECOGNIZE what needs to change then the ACTION can happen.

Is there a glaring gap in what you expect right now? Let’s fix that this week!

5 easy steps to take right now:


Where does the practice, a system or project, currently stand and where to you want it to be? What are you looking for? Let’s spell it out for all to see and understand. Use a sheet like this. Fill in the measurable’s that you expect to be reached


Step 2: Assign a measurement to achieve

Here is an example:


Step 3: POWER HOURS: Fiercely guard and protect time – block out regular, power hours for a team member to get out of the fray and devote concentrated time to this project.

Step 4: WEEKLY REPORT: Each member delivers a weekly report to Dr. or office manager

Step 5: MONTHLY REPORT TO TEAM: Team meeting – each member states status change since last meeting

Clarity comes from listing the expectations

Accountability comes from the reporting

Movement comes from holding the pattern

You can do this with your team – Try it!


Free Download – Excel Spreadsheet With Accountability by Job Description

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What people are saying:

“Fantastic consultant with vast knowledge in dental office management. Shelley has taught us systems to implement in office to make our lives and patient’s experience drastically better. We’re still in the process of learning new systems and continuously improving with Shelley’s sessions. She also runs an insanely successful dental office so she has the evidence to back up her systems. We will be happy if we can be half as successful as the office her manages.”

Henry Huang, DDS

If you would like help with setting measurable’s, click to schedule time to chat! Would love to show you a dashboard of your practice statistics.