Keep more profits in your practice

Are you looking for ways to maximize your practice’s earning potential and plug the holes that money may be flowing out of?

Of course you are!

I’ll be sharing three easy ways to grow your practice, two of which most dentists forget about! Find out if your practice is operating in the “healthy business” practice parameter range, and where your lost revenue is  hiding.


  • Learn how to calculate your break-even numbers
  • Learn if overhead is based on collection or production, and why
  • Get formulas to take back to the practice for instant increase in collectibles
  • Find out why a P&L is not an accurate document to determine your practice health
  • Learn what number does not belong on your P&L.
  • Discover why accountants are limited in their ability to help dentist keep more practice profits
  • Balance your insurances like your financial portfolio


Date:            June 21, 2017
Time:           6–8:30 p.m.
Location:    Valcour Brewing Company, 2nd floor tasting room, 49 Ohio avenue, Plattsburgh NY
Credits:       3 credits
RSVP:          Gari Calvert, (518) 339-7485 or
Fee:              $75, checks made payable to Gari Calvert

I hope to see you there!