Harried and Helplessly Whipped Around

Do you know the feeling? You have great intentions for your ever-growing list of “need to do’s”. You are straining and stretching to get to that project. However, you are locked in a quicksand of response mode to cell, text, emails, and requests. Actual progress towards a project is as daunting as climbing Everest. Another day is done. You are not one step closer to accomplishing a project. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today!

In the dental office, this can have a harmful impact on critical key performance indicators. Systems like re-care, treatment acceptance, accounts receivables, and insurance aging often are viewed as projects that are rarely worked until the office is quiet. Really, tell me how often it is quiet in a dental office?

Dentists and owners, enough already. Take back the reigns. My new normal is to begin the day without opening email, social media or voice mails. It’s a hard habit to break, but once opened you are now sucked into the vortex of responses and your day is done.


New Game Plan:

Practice owner:

  • Name the project that is hanging over your head (what is it? example community project?)
  • List in detail little doable steps or tasks that will get your closer to a completed project. (Example: Does it need research, software, supplies, a location, content written?)
  • The list represents small tasks that can be accomplished relatively quickly
  • Assign a reasonable completion date
  • Delegate tasks that should not be on your plate – assign due dates to team members
  • The key is to fiercely guard time each day (like before opening the first email) to begin knocking off a few tasks each day
  • With multiple projects – list buckets to put them into and work out of one bucket each day of the week. Example – use Monday for your marketing bucket. Tuesday – could be held for compliance projects, etc. you get the gist.

Front desk team:

  • Assign each system; re-care, accounts receivables, insurance aging and unscheduled treatment to an employee
  • Pick a “quieter” time of the day or week (example – Wednesday after lunch when patients are all seated)
  • grant the employee protected, focused, guarded time free of distractions. Call it a power hour.
  • During that protected time – they work only on the outgoing calls that need to be made.

Track the difference in both your office productivity and team morale. Everyone feels relief as you enjoy the calm, productive movement forward in your practice!

Peaceful, Productive and Profitable Practices


What People Are Saying:

“Shelley is an amazing consultant in the field of dental office management. She is teaching us how to schedule effectively for better productivity and work flow. In return, it will improve the experience for everyone, dentist, staff members, and patients. I highly recommend.”

Fei Xu, DDS


Free Downloadable Weekly Task Planner

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