What’s being said about Shelley Renee

shelley renee gratitude

“My personal and professional growth has been enormous and I attribute it to working with Shelley.”

—L. Amser; Office Manager; Lawrenceville Prosthodontic Dentistry

Vision into Reality

“Working with Shelley has put my vision of the office into a solid structured plan. After only 4 workshops, our team’s confidence in our services has increased dramatically and we learned the ways to really impress the patients.”

—L. Amser; Office Manager;
Lawrenceville Prosthodontic Dentistry

Clarity & Wisdom

“Shelley Renee worked magic with our team. With laser precision she cut to the heart of the matter and with care, clarity and wisdom she adeptly transformed our practice into its efficient potential, all the while keeping spirits high and inspiring a well-motivated and eager team.”

—Allan L. Nahman, DDS

Knowledge & Experience

“Even the best clinicians have trouble maximizing the profitability, patient flow, and efficiency of their practices. When it comes to dental transitions, bottom lines sell and potential does not. Shelley has the perceptiveness to identify problem areas, the knowledge to fix them, and the experience to help any dentist realize the potential of their practice.”

—E. Scott Weinberger, Esq. Attorney at Law

“Shelley’s workshops had an immediate effect on the efficiency of our office.”

—Dr. R. Salvatore, Jr

shelley renee gratitude

“Shelley is an exceptional speaker. Her workshops are interactive, effective and well planned out.”

—Dr. Vera Popova

Contagious Enthusiasm

“Shelley’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Her smile is infectious and her workshops create a fun, easy listening environment.”

—Amara, Patient Coordinator;
Salvatore Dental

Unbelievable Growth

“When we hired Shelley Renee, we were a stressed out office consumed with employee conflicts, broken appointments and inconsistent daily reports. We are now enjoying a happy staff, consistent schedule and our profits are in a bracket we never thought possible (and still growing)! Every dental office will benefit by trusting Shelley Renee.”

—Melanie Cataldo; Practice Manager;
Greene Pediatric Dentistry

Very Informative

“Your presentation was very informative. As a dental hygienist, I learned many techniques that I will implement in my office. Thank you!”

—J. Emile; Lakeview Dental Associates

Recommend without Hesitation

“Shelley was referred to me several months ago by my accountant to evaluate my practice and financial situation for the possible addition of a retiring dentist’s practice. Upon meeting her I was quickly impressed. She had an extensive knowledge of the financial aspect of dentistry. Shelley performed an in-depth analysis of both practices and was able to point out numerous facts about each practice that escaped my accountant’s eye. I found my experience with Shelley to be worth every penny and am considering bringing her on board as my contracted consultant. It is without any hesitation that I recommend Shelley both to you and my colleagues.”

—Jonathan P. Montag, DDS

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