Two Steps To Having A “Statement Free” Practice

I can’t think of anything more wasteful of time and resources than statements.  The last thing I want to see is a team member working  on tasks that are outdated, waste resources and increase costs.  

Why are you sending statements out? Sending statements indicates one thing – the team did not collect when the patient was in your office. I bet somewhere in your waiting room I could find the sign that says: “Payment expected at time of service”. You’ve set the expectation, now follow through.

How do you become statement-free?  It only takes two new steps!

Step 1. Change the order of when you ask for payment.  On the way into the practice at the patient greeting and after updating the family file, ask;

  1. What form of payment will you be using today?  
  2. Shall I estimate your out of pocket amount or hold a card on file for the insurance difference?  

Step 2. The key is a short menu of choices.  “Pay your portion now with cash, check or credit card OR leave an encrypted credit card* on file to be charged after the insurance payment is received.”  

If a payment arrangement is needed you have third party billing like Care Credit.   If the office is unsure of the treatment for the day, still ask the first question, “What form of payment will you be using today?”. Follow that with, “Great! We will collect that on your way out.”

Think about it – your result is you have been paid the patient portion and if not, after you receive the insurance check you may instantly charge the encrypted card!

Voila – no need to send statements, make collection calls, or retain a collection agency!

All this by two simple steps –  change the order and use short menus. 

I challenge you to free your team.  Save time and resources, stop chasing patients! Now your team can focus on acquiring new patients, working re-care and unscheduled treatment plans.  All systems that have a far greater reward than sending endless statements.  For guidance in leading your team through this process please email:


** Many credit card processors are capable of retaining encrypted cards that integrate with your dental software.