Embrace the process of change

Change is messy.

Rarely is there mastery right out of the gate when a team tries new skills. It takes repeated efforts with encouragement and course correction along the way.

Repeatedly, I have heard clients say, “Why does it feel like we are going backwards?”

The reality is that’s how change happens.

It’s proof that the team is trying out the new skills. It takes time for this new way of working together to be mastered. Meanwhile, the team needs extra support.

Supporting your team

  • Continue training: Training should never stop.
  • Support them emotionally: Build them up and make them feel appreciated and they will go the extra mile for you.
  • Fair treatment of all
  • Be patient: This process takes time. It’s common for practices to not feel like it all comes together until late into the first year of implementing changes – many times not until the 2nd year.
  • Be respectful of them and they will respect you

They will go through periods of resistance and chaos before these new processes are fully integrated. This example is the best I’ve found for illustrating this process.

The bottom line is – your team needs lots and lots of training and support. Then repeat…over and over again. Teams don’t just happen – they are developed! Be patient. That’s true leadership and practice management. Your efforts will be more than worth it!