Looking for a peaceful, productive and profitable practice?

Shelley’s comprehensive consulting services offer doctors and team hands-on training, inspiring and fun workshops, scheduled telephone follow-up and coaching, professional training resources, customized actions plans, and access to a comprehensive collection of forms, guides, scripts, checklists, and training plans. And much more!

Shelley comes to your practice, no need for your team to travel!

Learn in your own practice at your own pace.

Workshops customized to your specific needs on your timetable. No long-term contracts!
Also available: Phone consulting for immediate, short-term consulting needs.

Our Services:

Comprehensive Practice Analysis/Annual plan and goal setting (breakeven number)

Practice Management coaching

New or transitioning Dentist

Practice in crisis – Urgent Fix requests – (SOS)

Self guided modules – (audio visual file with a PDF downloadable workbook)

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Experience a schedule that stays full
Consistently run on time
Regularly meet production goals
Collect and keep more of what you produce
Team members that take ownership
Increase the value of your practice
Retain patients and valuable employees
A hygiene department that produces
Master inexpensive marketing tips to grow the practice
Enjoy time off knowing the overhead is covered
Go home satisfied each night
Healthier patients and a healthier bank account
Loose the heaviness in your chest regarding human resources and practice finances
Breathe easy because you are on top of practice systems
Feel confident in your leadership

shelley renee promise

Doctors, did you get used to riding in the rumble strip?

Collect and keep more of what you produce, enjoy time off knowing the overhead is covered, breathe easy because you are on top of practice systems, and go home satisfied each night.

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