shelley renee

What You Can Expect from

Shelley Renee’s Coaching Services

“When we hired Shelley Renee, we were a stressed out office consumed with employee conflicts, broken appointments and inconsistent daily reports. We are now enjoying a happy staff, consistent schedule and our profits are in a bracket we never thought possible (and still growing)! Every dental office will benefit by trusting Shelley Renee.”

—Melanie Cataldo; Practice Manager; Greene Pediatric Dentistry

3-Step Consulting Plan

1. A comprehensive practice analysis – detailed study of all inner workings of your practice including:

  • Practice
    • Structure
    • Work Schedule
    • Facility
  • Personal Profile
    • Marketing Assessment
    • Internal Marketing
    • External Marketing
    • New Patient Worksheet
  • Systems Assessment
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Payment Arrangements
    • Practice Safeguard
    • Re-care
    • Huddles and Staff Meetings
    • New Patient Examination
    • Charting
    • Computer System
  • Performance Tracking
    • Fee Assessment/Insurance Participation
    • Office Production
    • Doctor Production
    • Hygiene Production
  • Personnel Expense
  • Expense History and Projection
  • Expense Questions
  • Staff Questionnaire

2. Annual plan and goal setting – understand the practice numbers, set attainable production and collection goals:

  1. Analyzing your profit & loss statement
  2. Forecasting the coming year’s expenses
  3. Determining the new production goal
  4. Determining work days
  5. Establishing hygiene production goals
  6. Establishing doctor production goals
  7. Setting an action plan for coming year

*We offer focused targeted solutions on all practice systems. From one targeted workshop to a complete rebuild of your practice management systems.

3. Training plan:

  • Overhead and Receivables Management
  • Increased revenue stream
  • Telephone Skills
  • Leadership support
  • Financial policies (statement free offices)
  • New Patient Experience
  • Scheduling for profit and reduced stress
  • Hygiene calibration
  • Treatment acceptance training
  • Productive Team Meetings
  • Employee Acquisition and Retention
  • Employment Law Compliance

Save time, save money, and
feel better about your practice.