I want to be booked by you

to give your audience the confidence, steps and directions to take their practice to the level they have always desired.

Worn out by the stresses of running a business and a team, many dentists have lost hope. Unfortunately many have settled with the idea that this is the way their life and practice will be. Allow me to share a breath of fresh air with them. It is absolutely possible to change the atmosphere in their practice! With a few new easy to follow steps, they can lead the team out of the monotony and ruts to raise everyone’s spirits. Bring the fun back!

My start in dentistry was a rocky road. The atmosphere was so tense that on many occasions a team member would never return from lunch! Through the school of hard knocks I learned there are better ways to run an office. It is possible to work in an atmosphere that has it all: both peace and profitability!

Together we can find areas in their practices that need to be “cut out, shaped and polished” to lighten the practice mood, attract patients and allow dentists to go home satisfied each night.

Allow me to show your audience how to keep more of what they produce, lose the stress and find their fun. It’s not a dream, dentists can have the practice they have always desired: peaceful, productive and profitable.

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